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Since 1979, Salviplast has been operating in the injection molding sector of thermoplastic materials and molds construction.

In 1996 the company grew further by purchasing new laser and folding machines capable of processing acrylic materials, creating a branded collection of items for window dressing and store furnishings.

More recently, Salviplast has expanded even more, introducing a new department where painting and cubication treatments are carried out to give products added value.

Currently, the company is a reference point for anyone looking for plexiglass display cabinets, size markers and price markers.


Today Salviplast offers a complete service. A reliable partner that takes care of all product stages: from mold design to injection molding, with the addition of special paint finishes and/or customizations through laser marking or digital printing.

An expert team guarantees professionalism, competence, and precision acquired over years of experience in the industry to satisfy each client’s demands in the best possible way with the aid of the latest materials and technologies.